#Common Man to Corporate Man

Hello friends, today I’m not going to talk about any investment idea. Today I’m going to tell you a story of a common man who later becomes an ideal face of Corporate Sector as well.  Who was known as a risk taker and transforms the risks into opportunities.

I’m talking about a man who is not graduated from any School but he was an extra ordinary person who could beat any graduated person in today’s world.

If you are not guessing about that person let me tell you his name. Mr. Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani commonly known as Dhirubhai Ambani. Dhirubhai was born in Chorwad village Gujarat in 28th December 1932. His father was a Teacher. Dhirubhai in his childhood days always thinking to do something bigger than ever since. At the age of 17 he migrated to Yemen where his brother was working. He got a job in Yemen. Then he came to India with 50000 Rs. & then he started a textile company in 1958.

Dhirubhai started a partnership with his cousin Champaklal Damani both were lived in Yemen together started export of Polyester Yarn and Spices to Yemen. Later both ended their partnerships and started their own. Dhirubhai was known as a risk taker and converting risks into opportunities and generate profits.

In 1973 Dhirubhai was thinking to do something big then he started Reliance commercial Corporation Ltd later he changed the name to Reliance Industries Ltd. He started cloth manufacturing with brand name “ONLY VIMAL” but he faced competition from renowned players from India. At that time Dhirubhai Started marketing on roads himself and he proved it that no one can beat him if he wants to do then his real journey was begin.

In 1977 Reliance Industries Ltd went to public to raise money from public. Company issued 2.8 Million equity shares with value of Rs 10 each. After the successful IPO he never looked back afterwards.

 Later he founded the world’s biggest crude oil refinery complex in Jamangar. Refinery Commissioned in 1999. Total capacity was 1240000 barrels per day.

On 24th June 2002 he suffered a major stroke and later he died on 6th July 2002.

So this was the short story of a common man came from a small village from Gujarat, India. But his dreams were not small he came with his strategies and he fulfill his and every Indians dreams as well.

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