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Today I’m going to discuss about an Indian Giant reputed brand all over the world in respective industry.

I’m talking about Tata Consultancy Services commonly known as TCS. TCS is the 4th largest IT service company in the world. Just 1 step away to become no. 3

1st spot obtained by IBM, ACCENTURE & DXC Tech 2nd & 3rd Respectively TCS will be at 3rd shortly.

TCS limited was founded in 1968 by TATA Sons Limited. Company stated it’s work as punched card services to sister company Tata Steel Ltd.

1st overseas work, Company delivered an electronic depository and trading system called SECOM for the Swiss Company SIS. It also developed system X for the Canadian depository system and automated the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Then company never looks behind.

TCS has wide range of products that can serve lot of industry

Some of the are

  1. Banking & Financial Services
  2. Communication, Media & Technology
  3. Insurance
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Retail
  6. HiTech
  7. Consumer Goods & Distribution
  8. Energy, Resources & Utilities
  9. Life Sciences & Healthcare
  10. Public Service
  11. Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

Company’s Product Portfolio

  1. Cognitive business
  2. Consulting
  3. Analytics
  4. Automation & AI
  5. IOT
  6. Cloud Applications
  7. Blockchain
  8. Cloud Infrastructure
  9. Cyber security
  10. Industrial Engineering etc.

Company has 284 offices across 46 countries and 147 delivery centers in 21 countries

Company is one of biggest and the largest private sector employer in India and the Fourth largest employer. Indian Railways at no 1, Indian Army at no 2 and India Post at no 3 employer in India.  Company has total workforce of 400875. The average of TCS employee  is 28 years.

TCS is the world’s 3rd largest IT employer behind IBM and HP.

TCS has more than 1500 clients globally. Out of which more than half of them are smaller falling under $1 Million. It has about 60 clients in $50 Million club.  Nearly 25 clients in $100 Million Club. (This are the Approx. Numbers.)

Let’s check company Balance Sheet

TCS (Numbers in Cr.)
Mar ’19
Sources Of Funds
Total Share Capital 375.00
Equity Share Capital 375.00
Share Application Money 0.00
Preference Share Capital 0.00
Reserves 78,523.00
Revaluation Reserves 0.00
Networth 78,898.00
Secured Loans 33.00
Unsecured Loans 0.00
Total Debt 33.00
Total Liabilities 78,931.00

Company’s balance sheet is cash rich so growth is visible clearly

Now let’s check financial performance of the company for last 3 fiscals

Financial year Revenue (in Crore) Net Profit (in Crore) EPS (in Rs.)
2016-17 177966 crore 26357 133.41
2017-18 123104 crore 25880 134.19
2018-19 146463 crore 31562 83.05

During 2018-19 due to bonus issue EPS is adjusted so. If we calculate EPS based on 2017-18 fiscal EPS would be at 166.1 Rs.

TCS has a strong management and company belong to TATA Group. TATA Group is well reputed group in the Indian Business History. Group always looks India First then everything.

So in my opinion investors who wants to take less risk to invest in equity then TCS is much better to invest.

Note: Please consult your financial advisor before taking a buy call.

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