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People who are interested in investing in Stock Market they are often heard in business news channel that this company are overvalued, valuation not justifying to take a buy call, FMCG companies are too much expensive etc.

One thing always remember that A Rolls Royce never give car’s at throwback prices. People who eagerly wants to buy Rolls Royce they have to give price for that and we all aware about that.

So today we are going to talk about FMCG company which have diversified product range to cater various sectors.

Company is Galaxy Surfactants. Company has over 1000 customers in 103 countries including some of the global brands also.

Company is Certified Preferred Supplier to Colgate, Star Supplier for Unilever, Strategic Mind Partner with Henkel & Green Channel Holder of Reckitt Benckiser.

Company has Sales offices in North & South America, Latin America, Europe, Turkey, Africa & Middle East also.

Let’s Check Company’s Product Portfolio

It has presence in

#Skin Care, #Hair Care, #Sun Care, #Oral Care, #Baby Care, #Home Care

Company has wide range of speciality chemicals which includes Surfactants, Mild Surfactants, Rheology Modifiers, Pearlizing Agents, UV filters, Conditioning Agents, Blends based on Innovative concepts, proteins, Quats for Personal care.

Company Balance Sheet as on March 2018

Sources Of Funds
Total Share Capital 35.45
Equity Share Capital 35.45
Share Application Money 0.00
Preference Share Capital 0.00
Reserves 630.42
Revaluation Reserves 0.00
Networth 665.87
Secured Loans 170.54
Unsecured Loans 0.00
Total Debt 170.54
Total Liabilities 836.41

Company’s last 3 Fiscals Results are

Financial Year Consolidated Revenue Net Profit EPS
2016-17 2161.34 147.62 41.64
2017-18 2433.91 158.03 44.57
2018-19 2762.99 190.98 53.87

If Modi Govt. Forms again then India’s Consumption Story will also do well in future. Rural and Urban India’s purchasing power will increase also.

We can buy this stock for long term horizon minimum 2 to 3 years horizon. I would suggest to hold for 10 years

Note: Please consult with Your Advisor before taking a Buy Call.

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