Trade War and investment opportunities

Hi friends as we all know that the month of May has been witnessing the Global stock market’s are crashing due to Trade War mainly between United States and The Republic of China.

United States are ready to increase import duty about 25% on some of the products imported from China.

This type of Global uncertainty will change mood of global financial markets from bullish to bearish and one more thing huge rally we have seen around the world only China and Hong Kong were laggards.

So if you’re a serious investor who have patience and Time to buy right things regularly on every decline will get benefitted in Longer term.

So keep patience just wait for blue chip stocks to come down and buy on Every Decline.

For example

During 2008-09 in Indian market huge break down seen in many blue chip stocks like one of my favorite SYMPHONY (The global leader in air cooler business) were traded around 48 if I am not wrong.

After Market turned bullish then stock has touched 2000/- rupee level

MRF was traded nearly about 4000 and today trading at 52000/- + level

So these are the examples

So My advice will be just buy Quality Stocks on every decline and forget for next decade

Some of the best Stock for next decade will discuss here on my blog

So please dear Reader’s read blog regularly and subscribe my blog.

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