TCS is all set to become no 3 in the world

Hello friends, hope you people are doing well. In last blog I had discussed about Trade War.

Today I am going to tell you that an Indian IT company is all set to become no 3 in the World. Yes you are reading right information.

TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES commonly known as TCS is all set to become no 3 in the World. Top spot remained same for IBM, 2nd ACCENTURE and currently DXC technology is at 3rd position.

Dxc tech will declare it’s q4 numbers but according to analysts they will post subdued performance SO TCS will gain to 3rd spot.

IBM generated revenue of $79.59 billion, followed by Accenture with $39.57 billion, in the last financial year. Growing at the rate of 9.6%, TCS generated revenue of $20.91 billion last FY, while DXC TECH registered revenue of $15.47 billion dollars in the 1st three quarters.
TCS’s industry-leading profitability even while recording double-digit revenue growth is another metric that has helped investors repose faith in the company’s stock. TCS was also reported as the third highest valued IT services brand globally, report released by Brand Finance for FY19.
TCS is driven by the increased demand for digital services. It is the first Indian IT company, to have achieved in securing a successful position in the Japanese market, by providing a superior all-round customer experience, leveraging artificial intelligence and robotic automation across its transformation programmes.

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