Global slowdown

Hello friends hope you people are doing well and same your investment in stock market also doing well I hope

Today in many news agency reporting that global slowdown at door step in many countries they are facing slow down in economic activity. Main countries that are facing this issues are China, Japan, European Union mainly Spain, Italy, Portugal etc. In European Union.

There is a problem in those countries but there is a hope also like India, Myanmar, Indonesia etc are doing well. This countries will also felt some slow down but they will come out quickly.

United States debt level is also at the highest if I’m not wrong it’s around 22 trillion dollars (pardon if number wrong) United States must have to take necessary steps to overcome this issue otherwise same problem can happen when Barack Obama has faced during 2012 when every day News paper’s headlines for United States at that time Obama government increase debt level limit to higher side but right now same situation can occur in 1 or 2 years.

This thing occurs due to geopolitical tension, trade war, weak business and consumer sentiments also

If we focus to European Union Germany losing steam, brexit headache for United Kingdom.

In China’s GDP held up well but some other indications not matching with GDP numbers like retail sales, industrial output shows subdued performance.

So be careful Equity Market lovers hedge your portfolio with silver and Gold also.

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